Calibration Service

A precise work with measurement instrumentations demanded high flawless equipment. Changing environmental conditions, thermal, mechanical and chemical demands could give with rising inserts of the equipment inexactly measurements.
To assure the dependability of the measurements results and the longevity of the equipment, we approve a regularly calibration. Therefore we offer you our calibration service with a inspection document. The certificate of inspection to DIN EN 10204:2004/3.1 is accounting for the dates of the Certificate of calibration, the calibration values and the insecurity. It confirms the access to national measurements and registered the quality of your measurement equipment.

Calibration means to check the correctness of the measurements of the equipment. The calibration takes place without any contact in the measurement system.


  • Repeatability of the measurements
  • Increase of the acceptability about the measurement
  • Ascription to national standards
  • Increase of quality

There are no fixed calibration terms. We approve an annual calibration, but the frequency is addicted to your requirements and the application of the equipment.

Calibration equipment

Absolute pressure Barometers
Sensors for atmospheric pressure
Data logger for atmospheric pressure
Temperature Thermometers
Sensors for temperature
Data logger for temperature
Air humidity Hygrometers
Sensors for relative humidity of air
Data logger for relative humidity of air
Air Humidity
Thermo hygrometers
Thermo hygrographs
Sensors for relative humidity of air and temperature
Data logger for relative humidity of air and temperature

Certificate of calibration

Certificate of Inspection to DIN EN 10204:2004/3.1 (Sample Inspection Certificate)

  Calibration points Art.-No. Price
Absolute pressure
(pressure room)
750...1150 hPa 10 Checkpoints divide above the measurement area ISO.1PR10 62,- €
(climate room)
3 temperature points
0°C, +20°C, +40°C
ISO.1TE03 78,- €
Air humidity
(climate room)
3 humidity points
33%, 75%, 96%
ISO.1HU03 98,- €
Temperature / Air humidity
(climate room)
1 temperature- + 3 humidity points +20°C und 33%, 75%, 96% ISO.1TH13 114,- €
Temperature / Air humidity
(climate room)
3 temperature- + 3 humidity points 0°C, +20°C, 40°C und 33%, 75%, 96% ISO.1TH33 148,- €

Testing facility

Test chamber for a complex climate simulation (Fischer climate-pressure-chamber)
Performance ranges
Pressure 20...1200 hPa
Temperature -40...+120 °C
Air humidity 5...98% r.F. (5...80% r.F. in the range of -40...0 °C)
Speed of change
Pressure 100 hPa/min (100 ... 0,1 hPa/min in range lower than 600 hPa)
Temperature 5 K/min (-40 to +120 °C), 2 K/min (+120 to -20 °C),
<2 K/min ( -20 to -40 °C)
Air humidity 10 %/min (5 to 98 % r.F.), 3 %/min (98 to 5 % r.F.)
Stability of adjusted climate values
Pressure ± 0,3 hPa
Temperature ± 0,1 K
Air humidity ± 3 % r.F.
Reference Point Measurement equipment
Pressure Pressure DPI 740 SNr. 74001562 Genauigkeit ± 0.15 hPa
Temperature DE P655 SNr 6550206 1060/020102/109014/050285 (± 0,03 K)
Air humidity DE P655 SNr 6550206 1060/020102/109014/050285 (± 1,5% r.F)
Test room dimension

45 cm x 45 cm x 50cm, approx. 100 l test room volume

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