• 461131 | Sensor for duration of sunshine CSD3

    For measuring of sunshine duration and direct solar irradiance.
    Consist of precision glas cylinder, three special photodiaods with diffusor and anodised aluminium case.
    measuring range
    sunshine duration yes/no (direct irradiance >120 W7m²)
    direct irradiance: 0...1000 W/m²
    spectral range
    400...1100 nm
    response time (95%)
    ± 10 % (over one day)
    temperature dependece
    <0.1 %/K
    0V no sunshine and 1 V for sunshine
    direct irradiance 0...1V for 0...1000W/m²
    operating temperature
    dimensionsø 72.5mm; 131 x 294 mm
    weightca. 0,9 kg (without cable)

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