• 525S | Thermograph

    For registration of the temperature with bimetal.
    • Measuring range: -15 to 65°C
    • Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
    • Diagram graduation: 1°C
    Case made of stainless steel/cast aluminium with acrylic glass. Case dimensions 290 x 145 x 190mm.
    The thermograph is equipped with mechanical winding up clockwork which can be shifted in an instant for daily or weekly revolution. The periods are 25.6 h / 176 h.

    The Thermograph will be delivered complete with fibre pen as well as with a set of 60 diagram papers for weekly revolution needed for one year.

    possible variants: Color variant 05 white 

    Belongs to product category › Hygrometers - Thermometers › Registrating instruments

    Belongs to design line › Life

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