• 122.01HT | Fischer indoor climate hygrometer with thermometer

    The indoor climate hygrometer with thermometer points easy to understand the optimal climate values ​​depending on season and temperature. A fast and accurate orientation thanks to the colored areas helps to meet healthy indoor climate values​​.
    The hygrometer is a further development from the Fischer-hair hygrometer 111.01, optimized for living rooms. 
    For indoor measurements and in low humidity synthetic hygrometers are preferable. The specially treated fibres of the Fischer synthetic hygrometer 122.01 are insensitive to temperature (temperature range 0 to +70 °C) and respond quickly to changes in humidity.
    • Measuring range humidity 0 ... 100 % RH
    • Accuracy humidity ± 3 % (20 ... 100 %), + 1 graduation
    • Measuring range temperature 0 ... 40 °C
    • Accuracy temperature ± 1 °C, + 1 graduation 
    Stainless steel case diameter 103 mm.
    Real wood base or stainless steel base. Alternatively used as wall or table device.

    The hygrometer is accompanied by manual containing information for healthy and comfortable living.

    possible variants: Color variant 01 stainless steel Color variant 02 beech wood natural Color variant 06 black 

    Documents available for download:

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