• 103PM | Precision aneroid barometer

    Aneroid barometer for measurement of the absolute atmospheric pressure. Precision movement with self-stable set of five aneroid capsules made of a copper-beryllium alloy.
    • Measuring range 890 to 1050 hPa
    • Accuracy ± 0.7 hPa
    • Graduation 0.5 hPa
    The aneroid capsules are nearly free of age-hardening, hysteresis and elastic after-effects. The influence of temperature on the set of aneroid capsules and the transmission system is compensated by a bimetal over the whole measuring range and for temperatures between -30 to +40 °C (-22 ... 104 °F). The motion of the aneroid capsule is transmitted to the axle of the pointer by driving a segment and wheel with an excellent fine finish of the gearing. All bearings have an excellent fine finish. The Instruments have only got a minimum of idle friction because of the advantageous shape of the levers and bearings.
    Case in polished or chromed brass, diameter 165 mm. Mineral glass cover.
    "Fischer aneroid from Germany, with a 5.5" dial and a 5-cell movement is among the best of the aneroids available today. This instrument has an accuracy of better than +|-0.7 mb over its full working range of 890 to 1050 mb. Fischer aneroids have been used at sea for 60 years."
    David F. Burch, PhD, Director of the Starpath School of Navigation Seattle USA

    possible variants: Color variant 45 brass Color variant 47 chrome plated brass 

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